Other than 5 times daily Salaat, Salatul Jumuah, Taraweeh and Eidain, following are the activities currently taking place in the Masjid: 


  • Weekly Bayaan (Lecture):  Lecture every week , after Isha Prayer, in which the rulings of Shariah pertaining to different aspects of everyday life including dealings, social life and Islamic ethics are discussed.
  • Weekly  Youth Program(Dars e Quran/ Lecture): A program conducted every  week on Sunday. The purpose is to educate our youth about our rich Islamic history, heritage & values. Virtues of the current Islamic month and relevant historical events are also discussed.  Kids offer Maghrib/Isha Prayers with jamat. Pizza being served.
  • Daily Halqa of Taleem(Hadees): After Isha, daily,  curriculum based Fiqh class for high-school and college
    students where extensive religious Masa’il are discussed together with the relevant evidences from the Quran and Hadith (Prophetic Traditions).
  • Quran/Tajweed Class for Adults:  Every day after Fajar and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM weekdays , a class for working adults in which recitation of the Quran and rules of Tajweed are taught  in masjid.
  • After School Classes for Children:Recitation of the Quran with basic rules of Tajweed are taught to school children from 4:00 PM to 6:15 PM, Mon. to Fri. Currently we have 2 instructors and 60 children enrolled in this program with separate arrangement for boys & girls.
  • Counseling Services: We provide Shara’ee counseling with regards to issues concerning family, parenting and business related matters, etc as per appointments.
  • Free Refreshments after Every Prayer:  Free Tea/ Coffee / water bottles , snacks after every prayer.
  • Break Fast Arrangements:  Every Monday and Thursday break fast  arrangements in Masjid for community.
  • Free Lunch Every Friday:  Every Friday , after Jumma Prayers,  free lunch arrangements for community.
  • Islaahi Majlis/Monthly Community Dinner:  Every  second Saturday of each month, arrangement of Dinner along with Lecture of visiting Scholar.
  • Free Monthly Grocery Program:  For  the needy families of community , free monthly grocery program