Mentoring Programs

Speech By Mufti Farhan & Maulana Ibad (Al Madinah Masjid) Saturday May 16th @ 6:15PM InshaAllah, we hope this email finds you in the best of health and Imaan. Alhamdulillah, As a continuation to our social networking themed program, the Muslims professionals of Elmont / Valley Stream have organized the following program: Event: Mentoring Programs Time: Saturday May, 16th (after Asr Salah) Venue: Al Madinah Masjid As many of you are aware, this is part of an ongoing effort towards building important bridges within our community in order to facilitate a “social network” of sorts that will help bring us closer as a community, Insha’Allah. Our Road to recovery: how do we create our own social networking System that will help create a conducive environment that would empower our youth to become better productive members of society. This effort began with the December 31st program entitled “Social Networking” which sparked a conversation amongst many brothers related to giving back to the community and advising our youth as they navigate through challenges they may face in balancing Deen with duniya. As part of that original Social Networking program, the brothers who participated highlighted the following as key focus areas: • Motivation & Leading a proactive life • Career counseling • Educational counseling (School & College) • Homework Help • Internships within our community • Time management workshops • Self-empowerment & Self esteem Workshops • Health & Fitness clubs & Trips • Sports Leagues (Soccer, Football, Basketball, Track) • Discussion groups • Life style coaching • Support Groups • Social Work • Diffusing peer pressures • Addressing other contemporary issues Focusing initially on the areas of motivation and career counseling, several professionals in the community have been developing a platform for engaging, motivating and activating our youth. The initial goal for this platform is to communicate to the youth that they can attain great success as muslims and to introduce them to accomplished professionals in the community that can serve as their mentors. The role of these mentors would be to guide those youth in high school and college who have a decided career path in mind as well as guiding the undecided youth towards a meaningful and valuable career path. In hopes of achieving this goal, We humbly request the youth and professionals in the community to join us for this program. JazakAllah Khair

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