Hazrat Mufti Saeed Sahab Palanpuri (Damaat Barakaatuhum) Visiting Al-Madinah Masjid

Mufti Sahab was born in 1942 according to Islamic year 1362 Hijri. His native place is
village Kaleda district Banas Kaantha (Gujrat). His parents named him ’Ahmad’. But
when he took admission in Mazahe-re-Ulum, ‘Saharanpur’ for getting education he
registered his name as “Saeed Ahmad” which after become his name a famous and
household name.
His ‘Bismillah’ ritual was practiced by his father and he completed his ‘Nazra and
Deeniyat’ education in his native place. After that he headed to ‘Dar-ul-Ulum’ ‘CHAAPI’
where his maternal uncle ‘Moulana Abdur Rehman’ was the teacher. He (Saeed Ahmad)
learned ‘Farsi language and its books’ for six months and then took admission in
‘Moulana Nazeer Ahmad Sahab Palanpuri’s’ Madrasa. Mohammad Akbar Miyan Palanpuri
and Moulana Hashim Sahab Bukhari are among his teachers.
In 1377 Hijri he took admission in ‘Mazahir-e-Ulum at ‘Saharanpur’, where he learnt the
books of ‘Nahu’, logic and philosophy. But to acquaint himself and fulfill his desire of
learning books of Hadith’s he took admission in ‘Dar-ul-Ulum’ Deoband (In 1380 Hijri).
Despite of Ilm, Hadith and Fiqaa-w-tafseer. He learnt different books based on different
skills. All his teachers from Dar-ul-Ulum have been passed away, except one of his
teacher Moulana Naseer Ahmad Khan Sahab is still alive Allah may bless him with us
In 1382 Hijri, 1962 he competed his ‘Hadith Sharif’ syllabus and completed his course,
scoring very good marks in his annual exam. Next year in 1382 (1962) , he took
admission in ‘Iftaah’ course, after completing ‘Iftaah’ in 1384 he was appointed as ‘Aliya
grade teacher ‘ and served till 1393 hijri.
Hazrat Moulana ‘Manzoor Nomani’ recommended his name for ‘Dar-ul-Ulum and he was
selected as a teacher. Now a days he is teaching ‘Tirmizee Sharif (Vol-1) ‘Tahavy Sharif
and ‘Hujjat-ul-Baligah. He is distinctive in his teaching. He is not only a Successful
teacher but also a good author. He has written and published 30 to 35 books till date.
Among these books ‘Alunu-l-Kabeer , Sharah Fouz-ul-Kabeer and Hashiya Imdad-ulFtawah,
Hujjat-ul-Baligah in Urdu named Rahmat-ul-Waseaha is one of the great
achievement to which in the world of education he will be remembered as ‘Shining
May Almighty Allah bless the whole world with the achievement
of his thought and the great effort of Dar-ul-Ulum.

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