AIK – Al Madinah Institute of Knowledge Annual Jalsa

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Nawal-ur-Rahman (Damaat Barakaatuhum) will be the chief guest for the program In Sha Allah.

Mufti Sahib has taught fiqh for 18 years at an auspicious Jamia in Hyderbad, India, where he earned the title of Hanafi Fiqh Specialist. In 1993 he moved to USA. Muslims in America especially in Chicago Land are receiving great benefit from Mufti Sahab through his Duroos on Quran and Ahadith, Jumah Khutb’at, Class on Tasawwuf and other Miscellaneous speeches and works etc., Currently he is designated with the following posts.

President : Shariah Board of America / Rahmat-e-Alam
Foundation (SBA)Imam : Masjid-e-Noor
Khateeb : Jamia Masjid

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